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MF Reynolds Boston home builder

Architectural Digest - February 2015


One of M. F. Reynolds' beautiful Back Bay renovation projects, designed by Dell Mitchell Architects and interiors firm Wells & Fox, get infused with 21st century pizzazz.

MF Reynolds Boston home builder

Boston Magazine - Fall 2012


With its stone-faced walls, heavy exposed beams, and large farm table, this seasonal kitchen built by M. F. Reynolds takes its cues from Provençal homesteads.

Kitchen countertop

A quick guide to kitchen and bathroom countertops

Looking for a new countertop for your kitchen or bathroom? Here is a good guide. Our advice: Be aware of the temperature of each material in its ambient setting. While wood will feel warm to the touch, stone will be... well, stone-cold. Also think about the possibility of glassware/dinnerware breakage. Wood, plastic laminate and steel are forgiving, the other are not! Check the guide.

Wood species

How to recognize different wood species

To become more knowledgeable about the wood species that may be used around your home, browse this good basic guide of 6 of the most common types. Check it out.

MF Reynolds' carpenters recreate architectural elements

When it comes to historic restoration

When it comes to historic restoration, M. F. Reynolds' carpenters can recreate many architectural elements. One of them recently reproduced a Victorian era decorative inset pediment panel for a project in Charlestown, MA. After 100 years of service, the original panel had failed, requiring production of a new, historically accurate piece.

Good architect drawing

What to expect from your architect

Selecting a good architect who understands your needs, along with an experienced builder, is the best combination for a successful construction project. Learn what to expect when working with an architect.

MF Reynolds Boston home builder

Wary of ice dams and leaks in your house…

Following last year’s harsh winter in the Boston area, did you take the steps necessary to prevent ice dams forming on your roof and water leaking into your home? The skilled builders at M. F. Reynolds recommend a few easy steps you can take to have a worriless winter. Check out their recommendations.

MF Reynolds Boston home builder

Beware, Concrete Can Crack!

Concrete is a ubiquitous product used in construction, but it can crack! Get the basics on how to minimize cracking.

MF Reynolds Boston home builder

Distinctive Finishes for Original Floorboards

Floors with character can add a very strong design element to any interior. Your flooring contractor will advise you to which options are best when considering permanent finishes, wood stability and flatness. If you need a recommendation for a flooring contractor in the Boston area, contact us. Check out this Houzz article about floorboards.

MF Reynolds Boston home builder

How to Hide That Air Conditioner

Mini-splits are becoming a popular heating and cooling option, especially in well insulated houses with true air barrier. The headache, however, is that when wall hang, they are not the most attractive design element. Here are some ways to deal with surface-mounted versions. Check out this Houzz article.

MF Reynolds Boston home builder

Spring is Coming: Is Your House Ready?

This year's New-England winter was not harsh compared to 2015. Even though you may not have experienced leaks and ice dams this winter, take time to assess possible seasonal damages to your home and yard so that you can enjoy the warmer months to their fullest. Follow M. F. Reynolds' spring checklist:

  • Verify roof shingles and gutters were not damaged by ice and wind.
  • Clean out down spouts and gutters.
  • Check that all doors and windows function properly and that weather stripping has not deteriorated.
  • Make sure your AC filters are cleaned and dryer vents run freely.
  • Verify all exterior area drains are free of sand and debris.
  • Check for trip hazard in walkways and patios where pavers may have been dislodged by frost.
  • Have an arborist verify stability of all trees proximate to any building structures and trim trees and bushes to keep them away from the house.
Need help to prevent future winter damage? Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to prepare your house. Contact us.

MF Reynolds Boston home builder

Key Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Residential Builder

Choosing the right general contractor for your residential project can be a daunting task. It is important to know what questions to ask. Start with these general ones. More to follow.

  • Are you certified under the Environment Protection Agency (EPA)? All contractors need to follow new federal regulation governing lead dust when working in a regulated setting. Verify your contractor is registered with the EPA and that he has a certified trainer on staff.
  • How much experience do you have in the field of house renovation? Prospective contractors should be able to demonstrate a proven track record for similar projects. Ask for three references. References should come from other homeowners, as well as impartial design professionals such as architects and interior designers.
  • How many years have you been in the business? Longevity in a given field can be a solid indicator of success. You want to select a contractor who can demonstrate 20 years of experience in construction or construction-related field, and at least 15 years in residential work.
  • What is the structure of the project management team? You need to understand clearly who will be the day-to-day manager of your project. Be sure you feel comfortable with that person and with other individuals who will support the project manager. It is best to have one point person to talk to from the beginning to the end of your project.
  • How many carpenters do you have on staff? Carpenters are a critical component to the project’s success. Carpenters arrive day one and do not leave until the project is turned over to you. If you want the project to advance in a timely manner, make sure your prospective general contractor has sufficient carpenters to adequately man your project at all times.

home in the fall

Your Home's Fall Checklist

Are you ready to transition your home from summer to fall? Below are a few tips to get you started:

  • Schedule a chimney cleaning if you haven't done it last few years.
  • Check for drafts around the edges of windows and doors.
  • Have your furnace inspected and serviced by an HVAC professional.
  • Turn off sillcocks and store hoses
  • Get ready to clean the gutters.
  • Service sprinkler and irrigation systems.
And enjoy your patio space as long as the weather will let you! If you need M. F. Reynolds' help to get your home ready for the fall, contact our office.

Bathroom renovation in Winchester MA

Tips to Maximize Utility in a Tight Master Bathroom

This master bathroom in Winchester, MA underwent a complete renovation to maximize utility in a tight space. Here is how M. F. Reynolds achieved the homeowners' goal:

  • The traditional swinging door was swapped with a custom-made, elegant 3-panel pocket door.
  • The bath tub was transformed in a generous shower space with built-in seating area, allowing for the creation of a linen closet.
  • The single bowl vanity was replaced by a convenient double sink with a custom-made cabinet tailored to the wishes of the owners.
  • The white color scheme makes the space look brighter and bigger, and allows the eye to be drawn to the beautiful shower and floor’s tile patterns, not to mention the striking marble vanity top.
Need help to remodel your bathroom? Let's talk. Contact us.
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